35 Chinese New Year Rat Crafts for Kids

If you are interested in Chinese folk culture, you must know the Chinese zodiac. As a long-standing folk cultural symbol, the Chinese zodiac has left a large number of poems, spring couplets, paintings and folk arts and crafts that depict the image and symbolic significance of the Chinese zodiac. In addition to China, many countries around the world issue Chinese zodiac stamps during the Spring Festival to express their wishes for the Chinese New Year.

2020 is the year of rat in China! So we have prepared some great rat crafts for Kids to celebrate the Chinese new year, which is the best idea to celebrate the Chinese New Year! The rat is the first animal in the Chinese zodiac. Rats are considered to be a symbol of wealth in Chinese culture. So, let’s join in this new year’s celebration and prepare a large number of rat crafts for kids!

1. Paper Mouse Finger Puppet

35 Chinese New Year Rat Crafts for Kids
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30 DIY Chinese New Year Crafts

Chinese New Year is almost here! Are you ready to celebrate the festival? I think homemade Chinese New Year crafts are the best way to celebrate the new year. Chinese New Year is the most grand traditional festival of Chinese folk, which is a folk festival integrating blessing, entertainment and diet.

Influenced by Chinese culture, some countries and regions in the world also have the custom of celebrating the new year. According to incomplete statistics, nearly 20 countries and regions have designated Chinese New Year as a legal holiday for the whole or some cities under their jurisdiction.

We have collected 30 DIY Chinese New Year crafts! Understanding how world culture celebrates is a simple way to introduce children to different perspectives.


30 DIY Chinese New Year Crafts

This cupcake liner dragon craft makes a great Chinese New Year craft for kids. You could also use it as an alphabet craft for the letter D. Young ones might need a little assistance making their cupcake liner dragon but it is a fun craft that kids of varying ages will all enjoy.
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50 Cute Matching Couple Tattoos For Lovers to Inspire You

The patterns of tattoos on each individual life contain a unique special significance. When there is a wonderful connection between people’s tattoos, it shows that they have this special relationship. Matching couple tattoos record each other’s exclusive stories, while telling the world silently but powerfully: we are a couple!

Matching tattoos are not exclusive to lovers, although they can be used to declare their love forever. We often see matching tattoos such as sisterhood, husband and wife cherishing, long live friendship, etc.

Today, in this article, we collected the most popular 50 Matching Couple Tattoos. It’s just about Valentine’s day. If you are in love, don’t miss these Matching Couple tattoos to express your love.

50 Cute Matching Couple Tattoos For Lovers to Inspire You

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51 Pretty Black Nails with Glitter You’ll Love

Black nail polish, with beautiful sparkling powder, do you want to have a gleaming effect on your nails? Here are 51 Pretty Black Nails with Glitter effects. I hope you like them.

In the fashion world, black represents a stable and solemn style. In spoken English, “new black” stands for the latest fashion trend; “black horse” stands for potential users. In terms of Finance and economics, the “black word” stands for overstepping, proving that there is no debt.

In clothing, black is considered to be able to spread the vision around the brighter range, so as to achieve the visual “thin” effect. For example, women wear a lot of black socks or pantyhose.

51 Pretty Black Nails with Glitter You'll Love

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30 Unique Homemade Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

After the new year is romantic Valentine’s day, Valentine’s day must give gifts to loved ones. Are you still thinking about how to express your love this year? You have to be creative to create the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

We have collected 30 unique and affordable Valentine’s Day gift ideas to make anyone feel different. Take five minutes to see them and decide which one you want to do for the person you love.

1. Valentine’s Day Gifts For Boyfriends

30 Unique Homemade Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas
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